Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Express Yourself with #BedHeadThisIsMe

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you think fashion would have been the same if Mademoiselle Coco Chanel had decided to follow the rules set by society and her predecessors? Had she chosen to go with the flow, would she have still been a fashion icon? Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no. 
What we do know, is, she dared to be different. She decided to give a skip to norm and do things on her own terms. When everyone followed, she stood out and exhibited her individuality. She chose to express herself and make an identity for herself. And in doing so, she became a trendsetter and an inspiration to the world.

It has been proven, time and again, those who dare to do things on their own term, are the ones who end up leaving a mark.
Inspired by individuality, personal identity and self- expression, Bed Head by TIGI has come up with an inspiring new campaign called ‘This is Me’
Through the #BedHeadThisisMe campaign and videos they aims to encourage people to acknowledge their true self. The campaign and video celebrates individuals who've taken on an offbeat career track and been successful in them. 

The video features personalities like renowned hair stylist Savio John Pereira; psychedelic painter Sameer Hazari; pilot, surfer and skateboard maker Spandan Banerjee; fashion stylist Chandni Sareen; Imaad Shah and Saba Azad of the swing band duo Madboy/ Mink and poi (fire) dancer Sumaiya Sayed.
As you can see, the video urges people to value their identity and individuality. The message is crystal clear- everyone is the star of a show that’s their own life and they are the only one in power to make or break it.
Check out all the individual videos on Bedhead’s YouTube channel
Staying true to the core theme of self-expression and individuality, the team of Bed Head by TIGI is hosting an exclusive, one of its kind contest on their Bed Head – This Is Me website.

All you need to do is head to your fave salon, get your hair styled just the way you like it, and click a selfie with your hair stylist. Easy breezy!
If you are wondering why you should participate, here’s the deal:
Along with standing a chance to win BookMyShow vouchers, the number of likes your selfie gets increases your chance to win a trip and attend a music festival in Barcelona.
That’s not all. With the intention of encouraging hair stylists in the country, Bed Head has decided, that the highest voted popular hair stylist would win an all-expense paid trip to London for training at the TIGI academy. 
A complete win, win situation!
Please Note: Terms & Conditions Apply

Selfie lovers, what are you waiting for? Spread the word, book your salon appointment and get clicking today!

Like these talented individuals, you too can choose to be different. Be a part of #BedHeadThisisMe campaign; showcase your individuality, personal identity and with the help of your hairstyle selfie show the world who you really are!

Your time starts NOW! Your Hair. Your Way.

Till then, tra-la,
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Paint it Black

Someone who has had a life long love affair with bold and bright colour and all things bling, black has been a distant love of mine. I have never doubted its slimming powers and timeless appeal, but when given a choice, I have mostly gone with colour over neutral shades.
While black is not the ruling colour of my wardrobe, it is safe to say my wardrobe is not 100% devoid of black either.
As much as I love colour, I think it is time for me to update my wardrobe with what I refer to as, ‘must-have blacks’. Not only is it a necessity but a much needed change in personal style as well.
When I decided to pen down my black lust list, I came up with endless options. However, I finally managed to narrow it down to these 5 black beauties.
Here's my lust list of 5 black things that I wish soon become mine! The hunt has begun.

1. Classic black BORDER SAREE: I have always considered the classic black border saree an Indian alternative to the LBD. They both have that same ageless, timeless appeal. From a 16 year old girl to a 70-year-old grandmother, from a business meeting to a wedding reception and from petite to curvy, the black border saree complements women of all ages and sizes.
It is one of those rare pieces that can easily be passed down from one generation to the next. A black border saree is not only a stylish pick but a wise investment as well.

2. Quintessential am to pm TOTE: I am a major bag hoarder. You name it and I have a bag in that shape and colour in my collection. However, thanks to my colour obsession, I never really got around to investing in a black tote. Especially one that is ideal for any time of the day as well as multiple occasions. My idea of a quintessential A.M to P.M black tote is one that can be carried to a working brunch and dinner date and can be easily paired with Western and Indian wear. 

3.The perfect jet black EYELINER: You think finding Mr.Right is hard? Try finding the perfect jet-black eyeliner (eye pencil/kajal) for oily skin. Now, that my dearies, is the real challenge!
From pencil, liquid to gel, I have more than my share of black eyeliners, but I am yet to find that one eyeliner that does not smudge and run even on the most humid days and oiliest of oily skins. Throw in long lasting and I have literally found what I am looking for. Till the day I find my kind of perfect jet black eyeliner, I ain't going to stop looking!

4. All eyes on me STATEMENT SUNGLASSES: From Jackie Kennedy to John Lennon, ever one had their signature sunglass frames. Mine are cat eyes. While I have managed to find a pair of regular cat eye frames, what I am really look for is, one of its kind, all eyes on me, black cat eye statement sunglasses.

5. Dainty WATCH: Lost amidst the chunky metallic and big dial watch craze, I had forgotten how elegant a dainty black watch looks until recently I saw one of my fave actress flaunting her black watch. Since then, I have been looking for just the right black watch that is the perfect blend of style and class.

Here's the thing-Along with these 5 being on the top of my lust list, these 5 pieces are fashion must-haves as well. Ladies, time to invest in these 5 black beauties.

What do you think of my black lust list? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fashionopolis Featured On Links À La Mode: IFB Weekly Roundup (July 24th 2014)

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   Till then, tra-la,

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