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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Accessorize It Right: 5 Must Have Bags {Every Woman Should Own}

With Women’s Day a little over 2 weeks away, what better way to celebrate it than honour every woman’s loyal companion-The Bag. 
Whether it is an oversized tote or canvas shopper or coin purse, no woman every leaves the house without a bag. An integral part of a woman’s fashion arsenal, the bag is not just an accessory; it is a necessity.

Wondering which bag/s is ‘your’ bag? Which bags you should invest in? 
If you Google ‘Must Have Bags’, the world wide web will throw multiple articles enumerating the ‘must have bags every woman should own’ your way. While this is helpful, it is not necessarily the right list for you.

The main reason why I decided to create this post, is to help women decide what type of bags are best suited for their individual needs. 
Instead of just stating the different kinds of bags a woman must own, this post highlight the USP and function of each type of bag and how each and every one of these bags are an added bonus to a woman’s wardrobe and life.

Featuring bags from one of my all time fave accessory brand, Accessorize's latest collection, here is Fashionopolis’ list of 5 must have bags every woman should own. 

1. Everyday Bag
2. Handbag
3. Getaway Bag

4. Sling Bag

5. Statement Bag

Now that you know the different types of bags, which 
are your 5 must have bags? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Most of the bags featured in this post are available at Accessorize India store nation wide. You can now buy Accessorize products exclusively online at

Till then, tra-la,
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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dare To Bare With FASTRACK Bags.

When I started my blogging journey never in my wildest dreams did I think that at one point I would be the only Bombay based blogger to be invited to attend an event organised by one of India's leading youth accessories brand- Fastrack.
And yet, who in their right mind would miss out on such a wonderful opportunity. Along with attending the ‘Dare To Bare’ collection launch fashion show, I also had an opportunity to interact with Ronnie Talati the Vice President & Business Head of Fastrack & New Brands.
 After speaking with Marketing Head, Simeran Bhasin and Retail Operations & PR Head, Hemal Panchamia I finally have a better understanding of the brand as well as its latest collection.

Fastrack, the unconventional fashion brand has managed to established itself as 'India's leading youth accessories brand', chose to unveiled its latest range of 'Fashion Backpacks' at the F Bar and Kitchen in Bengaluru. 
With a strong belief that backpacks aren't always just about carrying things around, this season Fastrack is showing us the most stylish way to move with the launch of their new collection of backpacks.
The latest collection of backpacks is a perfect combination of the function and fashion and is all set to spice up your wardrobe.
The latest collection of backpacks come with ergonomic back support and well organized interiors. Plus, the unique materials and  eye catching prints are sure to make you want to garb one for yourself.
The latest collection of Fastrack has so many stylish and trendy backpacks to chose from, I just had to share with you all some of my favourite pieces.
[More details on there bags here]

What I love about the ‘Dare to Bare’ FASTRACK Fashion Backpack Collection:

The traditional backpack has been given a stylish makeover. No more an old- fashioned, monochromatic, simple utility piece, it has been transformed into a must have accessory. From different shapes to bold prints and bright colours, these backpacks are a perfect combination of fashion and function.

Even though Fastrack is a leading youth brand, the variety of bags and backpacks are for those not only young in age but also young at heart. The diversity of style, fabric and colour is bound to appeal to anyone who is, “Bold, stylish, casual and lots of fun”.

Keeping its target audience in mind the bags and backpacks have been reasonably priced.

Other than trendy backpacks and bags for men, Fastrack also offers a stylish 'Girl’s Collection'.
Unique metallic details, vibrant hues and extended utility makes them a must have this season. Small enough to be carried anywhere and big enough to hold all your essentials. 
[More details on the FASTRACK accessories here and on the other products here]
{All the three looks have been exclusively styled with Fastrack acessories-bags, purse, sunglasses and watch}

Speaking about the collection, Ronnie Talati had wisely said: “Fastrack backpacks combine high fashion with function and will form an integral part of any youngster's wardrobe.” That is exactly what the latest 'Dare to Bare' collection is all about.
Not only did I have a wonderful time at the event but also a better knowledge and understanding of the Fastrack brand. After viewing its latest collection first-hand I can't help but agree that Fastrack is '
India's leading youth accessories brand'.

Till then, tra-la, 
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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Styled With LAVIE

While a lot of women have a thing for shoes, I am complete a bag {and jewellery} lady. When I got an invite to attend the Autumn-Winter collection launch of Lavie, wild horses could not stop me for attending it. {For those who don not know, Lavie is one of India's finest bags and accessory brand}.
To be honest, till I went for the launch my knowledge of Lavie as a brand and its products was restricted to two things: One, Kareena Kapoor is its brand ambassador and two, it was primarily a bag brand. Nothing more, nothing less. I had no idea as to how versatile the brand is and how splendid its new collection would be.
 But, after firsthand viewing the latest collection, I can honestly say, I am a fan of all things Lavie.
Along with viewing the new collection, I also had an opportunity to interact with Lavie’s Marketing & PR Head Anupam Sehgal and Fashion Consultant Pria Agni.
[Posing with some of my fave LAVIE bags and Lavie's Fashion Consultant, Ms Priya Agni]

Before I share my views about the new collection, let me introduce you to it.
Lavie offers a variety of bags in different shapes, sizes and styles, catering to the modern Indian woman. From working woman tote to party clutch and from chic laptop bag to cool stachel there is something for everyone.

The colour palette of the new Lavie collection is a mix of classic autumn/ winter shades- black, brown, burgundy -as well new bright and bold colours. Tangerine, red, neon green, oxblood, blue, yellow, pink, are some of the eye-catching colours to choose from. 
For those who want something on the classic lines, there is a wide variety of leather, textured and tribal inspired pieces to choose from.
With the festive and wedding season in full swing, Lavie offers a range of stylish party bags and trendy clutches.

Keeping the needs and demand of the modern woman in mind, Lavie replenish their stocks with new designs every two week. The brand's philosophy is to not stick with a particular design or style for too long, but to constantly offer something fresh and new to its consumers.

What I love about LAVIE Autumn-Winter Collection:
From tote to clutch to hobo to laptop bags, from leather to canvas and from oxblood to gold to navy the choice in shape, style, colour and material is very wide and versatile. Literally, women of all ages, job profiles and preference can find something to suit her style.

Since Lavie updates its stock with new designs every two weeks, there is no monotony  or repetitiveness of style. Plus, at any given time there is always something new available.

The Autumn-Winter collection is a perfect mix of classic styles and new trends.

Along with being very stylish, Lavie bags are reasonably priced. The average price of a Lavie is Rs.2500/- {Price range Rs.1800- Rs.4500}

Not only are the bags available at the Lavie stores and retails outlet such as Shoppers Stop and Bagzone, but one can easy buy them from a number of websites such as Flipkart, Jabong and Yebhi.

As much as I loved the entire collection, here are some of my favourite Lavie pieces.
[Salina Quilt Clutch Rs. 2390, Rosemary Medium Satchel Rs. 2990, Cedarwood Large Tote Rs. 3090]

With a wide variety to choose from, here are some of my Lavie bag styling suggestions.
[Neroli Shoulder Bag Rs. 2640, Navy Blue Handbag Rs. 2740, Salina Quilt Clutch Rs. 2390. More information on these other pieces here.]

After capturing the bag market, Lavie now has its eyes set on dazzling us with their range of jewellery and footwear. Lavie’s main aim is to provide all kinds of stylish accessories under one roof.

Thanks to the wide variety of bags offered by Lavie, 
there is a Lavie for every lady. She can be a young college going girl or a working woman or a dotting grandmother, there is a Lavie bag to fulfil her stylish needs.

Till then, tra-la,
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